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These meals are great whether you are single, empty-nesters, or just too busy to cook. Quality ingredients cooked by professional chefs!

Judy Ordoyne Avatar
Judy Ordoyne

I've been using their service for the past few weeks and I could not be happier with Bickford Family Foods. The variety and quality are wonderful, meals reasonably priced, and Richard makes drop off way too easy.

Elizabeth Novit Avatar
Elizabeth Novit

The food from the Bickfords is out of this world! Get you some delicious food, creative cuisine, experienced chefs, great value, and great for parties.

Menu Options Week of March 7th, 2021

Weekly Special—Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre   $20
Peppercorn crusted whole smoked tenderloin, cheesy twice baked potatoes,  roasted asparagus and brandy peppercorn cream

Menu Options for March 7th, 2021     (504)756-7750
Family Favorites $10

1. Smoked Meatloaf      
Pecan smoked ground Angus beef chuck, whipped Idaho potatoes, glazed baby carrots and tangy bbq sauce
2. Caribbean Spiced Jerk Chicken        gf
Charcoal grilled chicken leg quarters, black beans & rice, roasted plantains and grilled pineapple salsa
3. Chinese BBQ Pork Tenderloin      gf 
Five spice roasted pork tenderloin, spicy gochujang chili sauce, basmati fried rice and wok charred broccoli
4. Shrimp Scampi    
Gulf shrimp sautéed with white wine, diced tomato, artichoke hearts, garlic, lemon and fresh herbs over linguine pasta with grated parmesan cheese
5. Honey Dijon Baked Salmon         gf              
Mustard and garlic butter roasted Atlantic salmon filet, crispy fingerling potatoes and smothered green
Vegetarian Options $10 Plates
6. Mushroom Stroganoff       
Grilled portabella mushrooms, cremini mushroom duxelles, roasted garlic cream, ziti pasta, sour cream and green onions
7. Brussels Sprout & Quinoa Salad       gf
Wok fried Brussels tossed with grilled red onions, spicy pecans, dried cranberries, feta cheese, wasabi peas, steamed quinoa and orange vinaigrette
Healthy Options   – Clean eating plan reducing dairy, sugar, grains, legumes and alcohol   $12 Plate
8. Chicken Puttanesca         gf
Chicken legs and thighs slow braised with tomato, olives and capers with oven roasted garlicky cauliflower and broccoli
9. Stuffed Peppers          gf
Ground Angus beef & Gulf shrimp with brown rice stuffed into sweet bell peppers with roasted mushroom and caramelized onion fricassee
10. Furikake Salmon Bowl           gf
Pan fried salmon, smoked mushrooms, seaweed salad, sugar snap peas, sliced cucumber and pickled ginger
11. Pork Tenderloin Roulade         gf
Spinach & Italian sausage stuffed pork tenderloin with roasted Brussel sprouts, asparagus, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and dijon vinaigrette
Something Sweet $12
    12.  Smore’s Trifle
Milk chocolate pudding, toasted marshmallow whipped cream, and Hershey’s chocolate pieces layered with cake and graham crackers

Orders must be placed from Tuesday through Friday. Meals are available for pickup or free delivery on Sunday or Monday. 
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